HTC with 64 percent collapse in revenue

HTC continues to face more serious problems with its financial results. The company announced that the revenue for the first quarter of this year is 64% s less compared to one year earlier.

HTC revenue is 460 million dollars, and profit is only 60 million. This is 78% less. However, the good news is that the company is still profitable, though it quickly melts.

Despite the poor results HTC believes that there are still good years ahead. The company announced that the initial sales of their new smartphone – HTC 10, are very good. HTC even expect that momentum will be maintained and they will have record good sales. The company does not give an approximate number what it deemed a positive result.

The company adds that it is pleased by the initial system performance by HTC Vive. For her, HTC has the same expectations for maintaining and even improving momentum during the year. Both products were sold in the second quarter of this year.

HTC adds that it will continue its restructuring and the elimination of unnecessary departments and projects. The company has set aside 100 million dollars to develop more content for Vive. CEO Cher Wang believes that interest in the brand remains high and HTC can hope for better times.


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