IBM Will Invested 5 Billion Dollars in The Internet of Things

IBM announced that it plans to invest 5 billion Dollars in the development of the Internet of Things. The company has developed a five-year investment plan, with main objective to develop smart systems for the Internet of things, reported the online edition GeekWire.

IBM will allocate 2,000 people to work on the project.

“We do not aim at making noise. Our goal are real achievements and opportunities” said one of th IBM’s experts.

The company wants to invest in the development of sensors, modules and systems that can be used on any smart devices from household appliances to cars.

IBM has already completed projects for the construction of smart city command centers. They contribute to a more intelligent management of urban traffic and infrastructure. Smart technology is used to manage the reservoirs.

IBM announces that they are yet to begin a partnership with The Weather Company for preparing reports for the weather conditions in real time. They plan to use home weather devices to collect additional data. The data will be analyzed by Big Data technologies such reports will comply with the requirements and needs of various industries such as transport, trade, agriculture, insurance, energy and others.

On the mobile Front

Sony Mobile will continue to be an active participant in the market of mobile devices in the future. The company will focus on generating profits, said marketing director of Sony Mobile UK, Ireland and Benelux Catherine Cherry, quoted by the online edition of Business Insider.

“Sony Mobile will remain here for a long time. We will focus on generating profits and growth,” said Cherry. It further argues that the smartphone Z3 became the best selling model of the company, but recognizes that this is not enough.

The new focus of Sony Mobile will aim to emphasize the various advantages of smartphones the company. For example waterproof models. The company has a new global advertising campaign to strengthen its intentions, he wanted to be a long-term player in the market.

Only a few weeks ago the CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirai announced that the company might leave the mobile market. All businesses of Sony revised the company will retain only the most profitable or those with good potential. Last year Sony part with your business laptops and brand VAIO, which is now owned by another company.


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