The Facebook Video Can Now Be Embeded in Other Sites

Video uploaded in  Facebook now can be embedded in other sites, like YouTube videos and many other video portals. The Social networks has present new function during F8 conference in San Francisco.

This feature is now available to all the users. The condition is that the video has to be uploaded to the social network servers, and not some other video website.

The process of embedding the video is identical to that of all other video portals. The user has to click the menu under the video and choose Embed this Video option. Then he will get HTML code that has to be published onto the website.

The new feature is awaited for a long time, especially since Facebook began to compete with YouTube. Face book has Improve the integrated video player, add info about the number of views, and improved the video quality.

During the F8 conference, the founder Mark Zuckerberg hinted that video will become an increasing part of the social network. He said that five years ago the main traffic on Facebook has been generated by a text, today – from photos, and it is expected in a five years from now the video will become the preferred mean of communication and sharing between users.


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