Bill Gates

Bill Gates: Steve Jobs was on another level

Steve Jobs is on a different level in terms of his ability to generate interest in technology products. This opinion belongs to Bill Gates expressed in the newest biography dedicated to Apple’s founder – “To become a Steve Jobs.”

“We’ve never been on the same level. It was amazing to see how accurate his rehearsals are. And when there was a seconds remain until the show and the people around him weren’t ready, he was very, very rude to them” said Gates.

According to him, Jobs presentation of products was one of the favorite things to him. He worked long hours with marketing and PR teams and rehearsed every single detail until he consider that everything is perfect.

Often before Jobs came on stage he experienced slight discomfort, says Gates.

“He knew exactly what to say, but on stage it presented as if it invented everything on the moment” says the founder of Microsoft.

Gates discussed some of the uglier sides of Steve Jobs. Jobs is known as the expropriation to most of the software companies. He was trying to instill them it would be a great privilege for them, if he allows them to create software for Mac.

This claim is supported also by the current CEO of Lotus Eric Bedel, which tells of a meeting between Apple and representatives of the software industry in the 80s.

“Steve and his whole group were there and ignored not only me, but Bill (Gates). He was treated like a janitor” said Bedel.

“We went in Cupertino and Steve began to tell us how cool his computer is:” So cool, I do not know whether to allow you to have something to do with it. I heard what idiots you are, and you know that this thing is gold. It will sell for $ 999 and we have about nine months until we are ready,” said Gates.

“The next day we meet again, but this time we met a completely different Steve:” Is this cost anything at all? Can you help us, “says Gates.

“Steve is a hard character, but didn’t directed his rage at me too often”.


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