Wikimedia Foundation Filed a Lawsuit Against NSA for Massive Online Spying

Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, has announced that they are goinf to sued the US National Security Agency (NSA) for its practice of large-scale collection of data from users worldwide.

“Our goal is to put an end to massive spying in order to protect the rights of consumers around the world. We were joined by eight other organizations. IN court we will be represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)“, says the official statement of Wikimedia.

Privacy is the basis of freedom. This is a universal law that supports freedom of speech, the organization representetiv said. “When those rights are threatened, the Wikimedia mission is endangered. If people are afraid to look for information or to contribute opinions and experiences to sensitive issues or refrain share verifiable, but unpopular information, Wikimedia and the whole world We are at danger”, the Foundation adds.

“By collecting information from the backbone of the Internet, NSA puts pressure on the spine of democracy … Violating the rights of our users, NSA threatens intellectual freedom, which is central to the ability of people to create and understand knowledge,” said Lila Treytkov, CEO of Wikimedia Foundation.

According to the NSA Wikimedia actions are a direct violation of the first and fourth Amendment to the US Constitution. The organization points out that one of the disclosed by Edward Snowden documents it is referred to as an objective of the NSA. She asked the court to prohibit the NSA to collect information masse, without regard to the rights of citizens.

Wikimedia states that requested and on behalf of users whose rights to be violated, since the organization was the subject of the NSA program of gathering information.


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