Force Touch

The Next iPhone Will Use The Force Touch Technology

One of the more interesting features in Apple’s new MacBook is pressure sensitive touchpad. It will be able to “detect” different degrees of pressure with a finger on it, which allows the introduction of different methods for interacting with the device.

According to information in The Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company plans to implement this technology in the next generation of the iPhone. It will be able to determine the strength of the pressure on the screen, allowing the activation of various functions and the addition of another way to control the phone.

According Kylie Huang from research company Daiwa Capital Market this technology will work better on a larger iPhone. It is expected that this technology will be of benefit mainly to the creators of games and fun applications.

Apple does not intend to change the screen size. The company will continue to offer both standard 4.7-inch iPhone, and version Plus, which has a 5.5-inch display. It is expected that the range of available colors will be extended with pink, which is currently being tested.

The information comes from partners and suppliers of Apple. They often receive orders for different parts beyond the standard, but it does not always lead to the launch of a new product, as the company has a habit of creating multiple prototypes of potential devices, without intent to develop them to production. Apple has declined to comment on the topic.


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