Oculus VR and Samsung will sell reality glasses for the mass market

Samsung and Oculus VR plan to increase their focus to virtual reality goggles. Both companies want to start mass sales of these devices by the end of this year, announced its CTO John Carmack, quoted by the online edition of Re / Code.

Currently, Samsung and Oculus offer Gear VR, which is sold as “Innovator Edition” and is determined by the companies as a trial version. Glasses need 4 Note smartphone by Samsung, as a few days ago was presented their version and the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

“Inside the company some people would prefer the glasses were presented as suitable for programmers and developers of applications and services. Samsung does not offer such things,” said Carmack.

The collected information and feedback from sold far Gear VR-and however clearly enough and companies are already looking to the next phase of their development.

He added that the combination of glasses with a smartphone is preferred by Oculus and from Samsung, because, according to companies that significantly increases the potential audience and makes the product more attractive, because it will not be bound to the PC.

“Your computer may be more powerful, but the mobile phone link to the world with over a billion people using virtual reality goggles,” said Carmack.

The plan of the company is still this year to present the final version of Gear VR for mobile phones, unlike Sony. Samsung provides a great marketing campaign and the aim will be like any other product – as many sales. Carmack admits he still can not tell what content will like most users, but expects that the media will have precedence. “There is still much to study and this is a great opportunity,” he said.


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