LG develops “supephone” with a planned debut this year

LG is developing a new high-end smartphone, which he describes as “superfon”. The company plans to introduce the device in the second half of this year, announced its head of mobile technologies Juno Cho, quoted by the online edition ZDNet.

“We have already made their place in the high-end thanks to our devices series G. In the second half of the year we plan to introduce a product that is one step higher,” said Cho at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

He refused to give more details about the device, adding that he will do so when “the time is right.” It seems, the largest conference for mobile devices in the world falls into this category.

However, it seems that the device will have a curved screen. Cho spoke separately about the intentions of LG in this area. According to him, users will be divided into two extremes in their views on smartphone with curved screen G Flex 2. He added that the design is experimental and depends on the device on the market that offer such phones will continue and will have in the premium segment .

On the question of when and LG will be offering smartphones with metal hulls, Cho replied that it no longer distinguish the quality of mobile devices, as more and more companies use it. More important will be how the metal is used and how it is presented in the devices themselves, he said.

LG plans major changes in the interface of your device. “We do not want just to run phone with new features, but also to provide an innovative interface that can change the lives of consumers,” said Cho. The fourth generation of LG UX, will be announced soon, there will be two modes – standard and one that is designed for users who require more and loaded their devices much.

Cho, who has served as a relatively recent, says that by coming in LG has tested all the phone company to see if a person who is not thoroughly familiar with the technology, can use them easily. “For the average consumer, who is between 60% and 70% of all buyers, the main objective is to upload photos to social networks. I believe we can do so that people can use powerful computer in their hands more easily and more nice, “he said.


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