Internet Org Initiative

Facebook Has Plans To Provide Free Internet Access In A Hundred Countries By The End Of This Year.

Facebook has plans to provide free internet access in a hundred countries by the end of this year.The news was broke by the initiative Vice President Chris Evans during Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona.

Currently the services of are available only in six countries. They are used by about 7 million people and give free access to online health portals, job listings and local information. The Sites are simple and with limited functionality, but are also available for people who do not want to pay a subscription for mobile internet. Those who want access to video and photos, for example, received a call to order a subscription.

The purpose of is to be the first contact of people with the global network. The project wants to present them the advantages of the Internet and to motivate them to acquire subscription for mobile data. This in turn will result in revenue for telecom and in the future moment for Facebook, which will be able to get a larger audience for services and ads.

Evans says that the ultimate goal is to be available worldwide. The principle of selection of countries is based on the spread of the Internet among the population in them. Priority will be those with less developed IT infrastructure. already enjoys success. Evans points out that in the six countries, the number of subscriptions for mobile internet has increased by an average of 40%. The greatest success is Tanzania, where smartphone sales have jumped 10 times after entering


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